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February 25, 2014

Forgot something? Take it inside.

Marketing is a promise. Can you deliver?

There are good marketers. Perfectionists. Creative genius types who get all this and more. They define their markets precisely, select the media efficiently, and craft their message poetically.

Sometimes they give it a hundred and ten per cent.

Meanwhile they’re forgetting about fifty per cent of the market.

They talk to their potential customers. Prospects. Influencers. Trend spotters and trend setters. And the don't have a word to say to the people who can make or break them before they ever see dime one.

Their employees.

If your people aren't on board, your ship will not sail. If you are keeping them out of the marketing loop, it will come back to haunt you when it's time to close the deal.

Can your people make, sell, package, price, and support this fantastic product that everybody is suddenly interested in? When they call with a question or a problem, will you be playing on-hold music? What's your refunds and return policy? What's your cafeteria like?

Does the employee who works in shipping see your ad for the first time on the bus home from work?

Internal marketing is the best-kept secret of the company-customer relationship.

You've worked so hard to make XYZ a household name. Now, are you prepared to create a world of converts with a plant full of unhappy, uninformed, excluded, and generally ignored employees?

Before you roll out your marketing campaign, roll it in. Send invitations. Serve a little shrimp. Show the people who work for you that you also work for them.

Give them the advance screening of your major opus. Ask them what they think. Challenge them to rise to the promise you are making to the market. Thank them for getting you this far. Tell them you have confidence in their ability to deliver on the promise.